At Charnwood, we work our hardest to ensure that the daily maths lesson is delivered in the most exciting and innovative way possible! In these lessons emphasis is placed on the ability to calculate mentally and the acquisition of key basic number skills, eg, number bonds and times tables as appropriate to the children’s stage of development. However, as a school we consider it vital that children are given opportunities to apply knowledge and skills. We encourage them to make connections applying elements of reasoning, enquiry and problem solving across subject areas.

The teaching of numeracy is in line with the Primary Mathematics Framework which provides the teaching objectives in the form of yearly programmes for the implementation of the National Curriculum for mathematics. Throughout the Key Stages topics are revisited, developed and extended. This provides opportunities for children to consolidate and practice what they have learnt and ensures continuity and progression in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

We want to encourage our learners to have fun during mathematics lessons and for them to leave primary school with an enjoyment of mathematics and a confidence in their abilities!

If you wish to know more about the teaching at Charnwood, here is a copy of our Maths policy and Calculation policy.

Click here to download our Calculation Policy.

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