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Ancient Egyptians

Next half term, we will be learning about the amazing Ancient Egyptians.

Ancient Egypt was a fascinating civilization that thrived along the banks of the Nile River thousands of years ago. Known for its majestic pyramids, mysterious hieroglyphics, and powerful pharaohs, ancient Egypt holds a special place in history.

The ancient Egyptians were skilled builders, mathematicians, and astronomers. They believed in an afterlife and carefully preserved their dead through a process called mummification. From the mighty Nile River to the grand temples and tombs, there is so much to learn about this ancient society that left a lasting legacy on the world.

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt: The Complete Guide

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Lesson about rulers

Civilisation, Dynasty, Pharaoh, Vizier, Priest, social structure, River Nile, source, delta, social, economic, trade, commerce,  agriculture, economics, irrigation, shaduf, sickle, oxen, plough,  scribe, education, papyrus, reed, hieratic, hieroglyphics, cartouche, palette,  afterlife, religion, mythology, preserve, mummification, Book of the Dead, pyramid, tomb.



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Europe Quiz

Europe Knowledge Organiser – Do you know the key facts?

This coming half term we will be learning about Europe in our geography lessons. We will be learning to locate major European countries. Get some practise by doing the quiz above and trying our new Kahoot quiz here:

Europe Colored Country Map Design Vector Download



settlement, city, factory, office, shop, function, urban, rural, land use, environment, environmental, human, physical, country, county, population, inhabitant, shopping centre, market, satellite image, OS map, symbol, key.



Prefixes – Sub and Tele 

sion words

The Romans in Britain


Everything You Need to Know About The Romans

This half-term we are going to find out about the Romans and what changed when they came to the British Isles. Rome was founded in 753BC by its first king, Romulus. It grew into a rich and powerful city during the next few hundred years. Check these BBC links out for more fun facts. In 54-55BC Julius Caesar tried to invade what is now called the UK but he failed. However, in AD43 a big Roman army landed on the beaches in Kent. Over the next year it battled inland, storming through hillforts and conquering anyone who stood in their way! The Romans changed Britain forever and we can still see what they left behind at places like Wall near Lichfield. Why not go and take a look around one day?

4 Victorious Epic Roman Battles

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Who were the Celts? 


Number bonds 

Spelling  full and ness words


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Science – Light 

Prepositions Game




The UK Autumn 2

This half term we will be learning all about the geography of the UK and zooming in on how Lichfield grew into a city. We will locate the four countries of the UK and add capital cities, mountain ranges and rivers onto maps. Located off the northwest coast of Europe, the United Kingdom includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK. It was once a very large active volcano. It last erupted millions of years ago and the eruption was so violent that it caved in on itself. Amazingly, the Severn River is the longest river in the UK, covering a distance of 220 miles!


What Countries Are In The UK - Four Countries Of UK - Winterville

Have a go at this quiz to test your UK geography knowledge: QUIZ

Geography Games

01 Find the regions 

02 Find the cities 

03 Quiz 

Autumn 1 Quiz!

Kahoot – Music 

Kahoot 2 – Science 

Kahoot 3 – History 

Lichfield Cathedral – Autumn 1

This half-term we will discover the history of our local area and look in detail at the wonderful Lichfield Cathedral. Did you know that the tallest spire is 77 metres high?

Maths – Number Lines 

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