At Charnwood we know that children only learn well when they feel safe and happy. Life can throw many challenges at us and we want to be here to help whenever we can.

If you need help or support at anytime please do not hesitate to contact our school Wellbeing and Pastoral Leads Mrs Nowell and Mrs Stafford. They will do their very best to offer advice, support and signposting to help you with a variety of different things.

Contact: Mrs. C. Nowell –

Contact: Mrs A. Stafford –

This page is also full of useful links and advice to support you in supporting your family.

Stay Connected

For a monthly contract for £10 if in receipt of a range of benefits

With Virgin Media Essential broadband packages, you can get online and stay connected from £12.50 a month with our low-cost broadband.

If you are a Virgin Media account holder receiving one of the following: Universal Credit, Pension Credit, Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance†, Income-based Employment Support Allowance†, you are eligible for Essential broadband packages. This applies to new and existing customers.

Sky Broadband Basics costs £20 a month for 18 months. It includes:

  • Sky Broadband Superfast 35 with an average download speed of 36Mb/s.

    • Or if fibre isn’t available where you live, Sky Broadband Essential Plus with average download speeds of 11Mb/s.
  • Sky Pay As You Talk. Only pay for the calls that you make.

To qualify for our social tariff offers, you (the Sky account holder) need to be claiming one of the qualifying benefits:

Help for your home

Here you can find our guides about home gas and electricity supply.

Check your energy rights. Find advice if you need extra help, have difficulties with your energy supply or want to complain. Save money and get greener with your energy use with our tips on switching, government grants, benefits, and energy efficiency schemes.

You could get up to 70% off the average Severn Trent bill.

The Big Difference Scheme can offer a reduction of water bills to any Severn Trent customer with a household income below £20,048.08.

Households with child dependants may be eligible for an additional income allowance in excess of this amount.

The Scheme will assess your household income when you apply, and that assessment will determine how big a reduction you’re eligible for.


If your household income is less than £19,050* per year, you may qualify for a discount on your water charge. If you are eligible and your application is successful, your charges will be discounted for two years, in the first year by 60% and the second year by 40%.

If you have a dependent child living at your address, an additional allowance of £1,500 per child may be added to the household income threshold amount of £19,050* per year.

Financial & Debt Support

Whether it’s to pay back what you owe with payments you can afford, write off your debts, or if all you need is some time and space to sort out your finances, we have the solution.

Support is individual, supportive and free


HM Government tools, calculators and guides to help you control your money.

Across Staffordshire many people are feeling the pressure from increasing cost of living. If you’re struggling financially or concerned about the future, getting help early can make a big difference. Lots of support is available from many different organisations, and it is often closer than people think.

Family Support

Government help with childcare costs for parents. Whether you have toddlers or teens, you could get support.

Get help with the cost of living If you don’t have enough money to live on, you might be able to get help to afford essentials like bills and food. This includes the Household Support Fund and cost of living payments.

Find your local Trussell Trust food bank, their contact details and opening times. If you’re struggling to afford the essentials or need advice and support.