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Statement of Intent

Within the art curriculum at Charnwood the children will have access to a range of skills and knowledge. Our children will be engaged, inspired and challenged within art lessons, learning new knowledge and skills to explore and create our own pieces of artwork. Children will explore different artworks from different times within history and use these as inspiration. They will experience using different media and learning new skills and building upon skills such as sketching/drawing, collage, painting, sculpting, pastels and other craft and design techniques. Learners will build on these skills as they progress through their school years. The children will also become evaluators as they learn to reflect on their own and other’s artwork and use artistic terminology to analyse, improve and refine ideas. Children at Charnwood will also explore famous artists, craft makers and designers and understand the historical and cultural development of different art forms.


Design and Technology

Statement of Intent

Within the design and technology curriculum at Charnwood, learners will use creativity and imagination to design and make different products. Throughout their time at Charnwood they will acquire a broad range of knowledge but also use the other areas of the curriculum to help them. The children are taught how to take safe risks, become resourceful, be innovative, be enterprising and capable when designing and constructing products. Evaluation is a key process when designing which will enable children to critique past and present design and technology. The children will also build their knowledge and skills to design and make prototypes and products for varied reasons. They will then test these products and learn how to improve these. It is important for children to explore design and technology within different environment, for example, both inside and outside the classroom. Learners will build upon their communication skills and learn how to present their ideas through a range of methods as well as using research. Within the making stage of their lessons, children will use a range of tools and equipment and will be able to select correctly from a range of tools.  Children will build structures and learn how to strengthen and make these more stable. They will be able to use mechanisms and understand electrical systems within the products they create. Through cooking lessons, the children will use their knowledge of nutrition and a healthy diet to prepare dishes and also to learn how to cook ingredients.



Statement of Intent

Within the music curriculum at Charnwood the children will gain and develop a love of music, self confidence and creativity and become musicians, composers and be able to use musical language correctly. Children will listen to and review different music styles and also have a go at composing their own music. Throughout their school years, the children will listen to, review, compose and perform music of different genres and styles throughout different times in history, exploring famous musicians and composers. The progression of their music skills enables children to improve their accuracy, expression and control of tuned and un-tuned instruments. The children will use their voices to sing different songs and also to create their own music. Children experience learning the recorder, clarinet and the ukulele over their time at Charnwood and learn from a specialised music teacher. They are given the chance to continue learning these and other instruments through extra tuition. Throughout music lessons the children learn how to read music notes and also improve their aural memory. Children also use percussion instruments and their bodies to make music. The children will be able to use musical language and understand musical vocabulary and how this relates to different genres of music.

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