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Welcome to

We aspire to create a safe, stimulating learning environment for our pupils. We are a listening school where our door is always open.





Craftsmanship is all about improvement. We believe that craftsmanship is the key to achieving the very best you are able. Craftsmanship is taught in all subjects: from improving handwriting to perfecting your tennis serve. Realising that our first attempt can be improved encourages children to have a go and reinforces creativity. We nurture a sense of pride in all we do through this school value. 

Ensuring that all of our children have access to a varied, exciting and relevant curriculum is at the heart of all of our teaching. We create topics in line with children’s interests and focus heavily on ensuring all of our pupils can access the learning and make their individual progress. 

We learn in a variety of ways throughout the day in order to keep children engaged and motivated. Our lessons involve ICT as well as outdoor learning and we encourage collaboration as well as individual work. 
Our curriculum is enriched through themed weeks, out of school visits, projects with the local community and visitors to school such as authors, poets, musicians and those of other professions such as fire-fighters and the police. 

Teachers are reflective of their practice and we are dedicated to developing our methods and keeping our teaching up to date in order to prepare our children for the ever changing future they will be working in. 



Our school ethos of nurture encourages and supports our pupils creating confident children who have a clear knowledge of their strengths and an understanding of what and how they can improve. 

We provide opportunities both in class and whole school for children to develop confidence both academically and socially.


From having the confidence to work independently in maths to standing on stage and performing to the whole school or parents this confidence stems from the knowledge that the adults and peers at Charnwood Primary are supportive.

Our pupils feel safe to be themselves and we are proud of the transformations we see year on year. We work hard to ensure that when children leave Charnwood they do so confident to take on the challenges of their future. 

Before and after School.

We realise that modern families require schools to support them before and after school as well as providing experiences and opportunities for children outside of the curriculum. For this reason we provide extra-curricular sports and arts clubs run by both teachers and outside companies. 
We also run the following wrap around care which is paid for through parent pay our online tool.

Wide Awake Club
Wide awake club is our breakfast club. Children can arrive from 7.45am and will be provided with a breakfast of cereal, toast and a choice of fruit drink. Children are provided with games and activities to do and are taken to class when school starts. 



Tea Time Tigers
Tea Time Tigers is our after school club. Children attend immediately after school and can be picked up by parents whenever they wish. 

For more information regarding our wrap around care, prices and up to date opening hours please see our website. 

30 Hours Free Childcare
We work with Catkins Nursery onsite to provide 30 hours childcare for those eligible. Children attend our school Nursery in the morning and are then collected at lunchtime and taken to Catkins Nursery for the afternoon session. For more information please contact the school office.


We foster creativity in all that we do at Charnwood Primary. Creativity is taught throughout the curriculum. We encourage children to solve problems and allow them the space to experiment and discover right from Early Years to Year 6. Our pupils are confident to try new things and love the freedom to solve challenges in a variety of ways.


Our creative curriculum means that topics encompass every subject and children get the opportunity to access learning in a way that enables them to achieve. 

Our learning hub is a space where children are able to cook, learn and create using ICT and our outdoor area comprising of woodland area, field and sensory garden allows children the space to explore their learning outside of the classroom.


School Uniform

At Charnwood Primary Academy we believe that a smart uniform helps develop a sense of pride and community. We are continually grateful to parents and carers in their support with this. 

Our School Uniform is: 

• Grey or black trousers or shorts

• Grey or black skirt/pinafore/sport

• White or yellow polo shirt or white shirt or blouse

• Green jumper/sweatshirt or cardigan with or without logo

• Black shoes

• Black or grey socks or tights

For more information on where you can purchase uniform as well as an example of school uniform please see our school website. 

PE Kit

We expect all children from Reception to Year 6 to wear PE kit for lessons. 

Our PE kit is:

• Black shorts

• Plain white t-shirt

• Black plimsolls/pumps – or indoor trainers

• Trainers for outdoor use

• Black leggings or Tracksuit bottoms

• Black hooded or long sleeve top

No jewellery is to be worn for PE sessions. For this reason children must be able to remove their own earrings or provide plasters to cover them up themselves. Hair must be tied back so headbands should be supplied. 


Our school of mission statement Inspire Nurture Achieve places inspiration at the forefront of what we do. We inspire children through nurturing in them a desire to find out more and take their learning deeper. Teachers do this through varied and engaging topics that are created through the children asking questions and being encouraged to discover the answers themselves.We encourage children to make use of the valuable resource of their home and community as well as using ICT and books in the classroom to find out more and experiment with ideas. This attitude is fostered right from Nursery upwards and our children are challenged frequently to explore knew topics. 

Learning Together
At Charnwood Primary Academy we value parental involvement and encourage parents to take an active role within school. Topics are planned so that parents are able to come into school to learn alongside their children and understand what they do day to day. 
The children are justifiably proud of the work that they do and love sharing it with their parents and carers. 

Celebrating Achievements
The children at Charnwood Primary are proud of their work both inside and outside of school and teachers enjoy learning about the success’ of children outside of the classroom. Every week we celebrate the success of our learners through our Star of the Week assembly. We celebrate both academic and personal achievements such as showing one of our school values, making extra effort, attendance or showing good friendship qualities. We also encourage children to bring in news of achievements, certificates and other items from things they have done at home. 




Communication is a vital skill in our ever changing world and we focus heavily on supporting children to make themselves heard and understood. We teach children the importance of speaking with clarity as well as the essential balance of listening to others when having a conversation. Communication is taught through speaking and listening sessions; circle times; using ICT to communicate their ideas and presenting learning to others.

Alongside this we teach children to navigate communication with others on the playground: teaching essential skills on how to get along with friends and to communicate their thoughts, attitudes and emotions successfully and appropriately.

We also welcome a wide range of pupils with English as an additional language and children make great progress in their learning across the curriculum through carefully planned and supported learning.


Every lesson is planned using up to date assessment and teachers work hard to ensure that every lesson counts. Regular attendance does have an effect on progress and achievement as well as effecting relationships with peers; as a result we promote and celebrate attendance. If you are experiencing any problems which are making attendance difficult we always work with you to sort these. 

If your child is unable to attend school for whatever reason we ask that parents and carers contact the school office as soon as possible in the morning each day. 

Accident and Illness
In an emergency we will always contact our parents and carers as soon as possible. For this reason it is vital that the school has correct and up to date contact numbers. Please ensure that these are updated as soon as they change. 
All accident and injuries are treated with care and recorded in line with school policy. If it is decided that your child is too ill to attend school we will contact you to come and collect your child from the school office. 

We run Nursery through to Year 6. If would like your child to attend Charnwood Primary please contact the school office to find out if there are places. 
Children are able to attend Charnwood Primary from the term after their third birthday.