Intent for Writing

At Charnwood Primary Academy, writing is a crucial part of our curriculum. All children from Foundation Stage to Year 6 are provided with many opportunities to develop and apply their writing skills across the curriculum. We follow the National Curriculum and the EYFS framework.

Our intention is for pupils to be able to plan, revise and evaluate their writing. To be able to do this effectively, pupils will focus on developing effective transcription and effective composition. They will also develop an awareness of the audience, purpose and context, and an increasingly wide knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. We also intend for pupils to leave school being able to use fluent, legible and speedy handwriting as well as being confident spellers.

The children are taught writing skills using ‘The Write Stuff‘, a recognised and evidence-based approach by Jane Considine. This involves ‘sentence-stacking lessons’ where each sentence is thought about in detail before the writing process begins. With ‘The Write Stuff‘, all of the grammar and punctuation elements of the National Curriculum are embedded in the writing process, so that it is learned in context. At Charnwood, we cover a range of fiction and non-fiction genres and children produce independent writing.

The children put different features in their writing using the Fantastics (which use the senses), Grammaristics (grammar features) and the Boomtastics (literary features).


Each year group will have a Vocabulary Mat for each half term which will include Curriculum Words, Spelling rules and words linked to the topics being taught in that half term.

To help us to learn curriculum words, teachers at Charnwood use a variety of methods to suit different learning styles. Many come from the ‘Making Spellings Memorable’ document.

Making Spellings Memorable Document