At Charnwood, we work our hardest to ensure that the daily maths lesson is delivered in the most exciting and innovative way possible! In these lessons, emphasis is placed on the ability to calculate mentally and the acquisition of key basic number skills, eg, number bonds and times tables as appropriate to the children’s stage of development. We consider it vital that children are given opportunities to apply knowledge and skills. We encourage them to make connections applying elements of reasoning, enquiry and problem solving across subject areas.

We use the White Rose Scheme to ensure full coverage inline with the National Curriculum objectives. We also use TimesTables Rockstars and Maths of the Day to increase enjoyment and confidence in the children’s maths skills.

Calculation Policy


Our school vision is to Inspire, Nurture and Achieve. At Charnwood Primary Academy, we inspire the love of maths, create a nurturing environment for all children to improve their maths skills and encourage and praise their achievements.

At Charnwood Primary Academy, we value a maths curriculum that is creative and engaging. All children have access to this curriculum and the expectation is for all children to make progress in lessons. Our children need to develop the necessary skills to make them become “deep thinkers”, acquiring maths skills that can be quickly recalled, transferred and applied in different contexts. They need to be able to make rich connections across the areas of maths and use their knowledge in other subjects. Maths is the foundation for understanding the world and we want our children to know the purpose behind their learning and to apply their knowledge to their everyday lives.


Here at Charnwood, we follow the White Rose Planning Scheme in order to ensure that our children have full coverage of the Maths National Curriculum and to allow our children to revisit topics several times over the year allowing their knowledge to embed. All children are catered for within the maths lessons ensuring that the teacher offers the necessary support and challenge for each individual to make progress. We ensure that maths is taught in creative and engaging lessons using a wide array of maths manipulatives to aid and support our children in their learning. ICT is used widely across each year group to deliver the maths curriculum and to offer our pupils a range of exciting activities to challenge and inspire.

Our aim is to ensure that the three core areas of the national curriculum are covered in all our lessons: fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We offer the children the opportunity to have varied and frequent practice of their maths skills with the focus on their ability to recall and apply their knowledge rapidly and accurately. Reasoning is a key area in all our lessons as our children need to be able to describe, explain, convince, justify and prove to be successful in this subject.

Mathematical vocabulary is an essential part of each lesson. The children need to understand this within the area they are studying and be able to make rich connections across other areas within this subject. Each lesson provides children with the opportunity to reason through their ideas, use their mathematical language to explore a line of enquiry and problem solve routine and non-routine problems.We hope to build problem-solvers of the future and build resilience in our children; essential skills they can use in all aspects of their learning.

Multiplication and division skills are instrumental in being a confident and skilled mathematician. The new Multiplication Skills Check (MTC) set by the government reflects this. To make it fun, we use TimesTables Rockstars for the children to apply their multiplication tables knowledge and to be able to challenge each other and other schools.

We also use Maths of the Day which is an active maths scheme. This is used to consolidate their knowledge of current and past learning with an element of fitness and fun. This is a great resource to engage all learners in the class and build confidence amongst the children.

We are proud to be a part of SUA Trust

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SUAT supports and leads in the set-up of new academies joining the partnership. The sevices provided by the central support function cover both educational and non-educational support. In terms of educational support, SUAT is linked to the School of Education of Staffordshire University, which is an outstanding ITT provider.