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Who will you be on World Book Day?

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World Book Day 2015

Who will you be?
Who will you be?

Come dressed as your favourite book character on Thursday 5th March for a day full of book loving fun!

World Book Day Challenge!!

Take a ‘selfie’ of you reading your favourite book in the most unusual place you can think of!

Bring your 'selfie' to school to share with everyone!

Safety Week 2015

Safety week has been full of exciting projects and we have welcomed lots of visitors to school too!

Charnwood pupils have met the Road Safety Officer, Police Community Support Officer, two members of the Fire Service and Early Years met our School Crossing Patrol lady. Early Years have had a safety role play area, Year 1 and 2 have been focusing on road safety, Year 3 and 4 have been learning about cycle helmets with the egg-head project and Years 5 and 6 have learnt about vehicle safety, completing the crashed vehicle project.

Mrs MacKinnon - Safety Week Co-ordinator

The Fire Service and their smoke house.
The Fire Service and their smoke house.
Year 5 and 6 crashed vehicle project
Year 5 and 6 crashed vehicle project
Year 4 egg head project
Year 4 egg head project

School Council

Our School Council 2014/15

Year 1: Faith George and Ethan Thomas

Year 2: Rhys Jones and Bethany Bennett

Year 3: Lucy Wright and Ronnie Holt

Year 4: Thomas Elmore and Charlie Jewell

Year 5: Thomas McCallion and Natasha Thomas

Year 6: Lewi Burnside, Thomas James, Lily Brownhill and Sharna Barker

Team Captains

Our Team Captains 2014/15. Hoping to lead their team to victory!

Mars Captain: Jack Lowe

Mars Vice Captain:Keir Boulton

Venus Captain: Jacob Harvey

Venus Vice Captain: Libbie Betteridge

Jupiter Captain: Keyleigh Freeman  

Jupiter Vice Captain: Gabriel Sieniawski

Saturn Captain: Lily Brownhill

Saturn Vice Captain: Lewi Burnside


Latest Charnwood Primary School 2014/15 Events

World Book Day05Mar2015

@ Charnwood Primary School

Join us dressed as your favourite book character!

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