Playtimes At Charnwood Have Changed!

We have launched an exciting new project to make our play times even better, in conjunction with OPAL.  OPAL has won the best active schools’ programme in Europe award and been cited in two Parliamentary Reports as outstanding practice. With playtime making up a large portion of the school day, we feel it gives children the perfect opportunity to learn and apply our school values.


Changes are happening every day!

According to Play England:
Research shows that play has many benefits for children, families and the wider community, as well as improving health and quality of life. Recent research suggests that children’s access to good play provision can:
• increase their self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-respect
• improve and maintain their physical and mental health
• give them the opportunity to mix with other children
• allow them to increase their confidence through developing new skills
• promote their imagination, independence and creativity
• offer opportunities for children of all abilities and backgrounds to play together
• provide opportunities for developing social skills and learning
• build resilience through risk taking and challenge, problem solving, and dealing with new and novel situations
• provide opportunities to learn about their environment and the wider community.

Charnwood Play Charter 

Children came up with their own play charter! Click the link to see their wonderful ideas of how play should be: Charnwood Play Charter

Do you have any ideas to make playtime better? Add them to the wall below:` 

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