Welcome to Year 5 (Keep Scrolling Down)

Daily activities

  • TTRockstars
  • Numbots
  • Reading and AR quizzes
  • Spellings

Survival - Free of Charge Creative Commons Highway Sign image


In English this half term the children will be using survival texts as inspiration for their own survival writing.

In maths this term the children will be learning about statistics and multiplication and division.

The children will be improving their fitness and basic skills of agility, balance, coordination and speed in:

  • Gymnastics (Tuesday)

Gr 7 - Animal classification | Siyavula Education | Flickr

In science this term the children will be learning Living Things and Habitats. The main focus is Classification, understanding how and why things are classified.


Please see the links which includes the curriculum overview for a more detailed look at the subjects and the spelling mat.

Please feel free to message me on Class Dojo if you have any questions and also to share any of your child’s work on their portfolio.

Mr Trickett

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