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and Values

Our Vision at Charnwood is to:


At Charnwood our aims are to:

  • Inspire a life-long love of learning so that the children leave school self-assured, inquisitive and creative with an understanding of the endless possibilities that await them.

  • Nurture each child in order to develop within them a confidence to embrace whatever comes their way and to foster self-belief and understanding of our own and others uniqueness.

  • Provide positive experiences, through opportunities to ensure that each child not only achieves their academic potential but also becomes a well-motivated and respectful individual.

    At Charnwood we value:

  • Confidence - to be comfortable with who you are and with what you think and say.

  • Curiosity - to have lively, enquiring and imaginative minds 

  • Communication - to be a listener, to speak with care and to have confidence to question critically

  • Commitment - to show resilience and perseverance despite difficulties

  •  Craftsmanship - to take pride in your work and learning from your mistakes

  •  Compassion - to show empathy and understanding, respect and thoughtfulness

  • Creativity - use imagination to create something new