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Arrival and Departure from School

Thank you for your patience today as we welcomed the children back to school. As I'm sure you are aware we have a very small entry and exit point for many children. Whilst we have staggered the times slightly we have also tried to ensure people are not waiting on site for long either to drop of and pick up. To help us remain covid secure I ask that only 1 adult comes onto site with the child. Please queue up the ramp and reamin at a suitable distance. Please could children from Year 4 upwards walk onto site by themselves and straight to their classroom. If you need to talk to the teacher please either dojo or make an appointment, we hare very happy to talk to you at another suitable time. Please make your way onto the playground to collect your child and they will be brought out class by class. If your child is old enough to leave site by themselves please ensure your child knows where you will be waiting or if they should walk home. Nursery children will be directed to their cloakroom door from tomorrow. Thank you.