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Year 6 Miss
Tomlinson and Mrs Nuttall

Home Learning Thursday 28.1.21

English - Today you will be editing and improving your writing from yesterday. If your work has been sent in, you will have some pointers on how to improve. Join us on our zoom call for help on how to edit and improve writing - this is the best help you can get today. Please finish any incomplete writing and then choose 1 paragraph to improve. Research a little more on that topic so you have more to write about, consider you sentence openers and the use of punctuation. Don't forget to check for spelling errors too!

Spelling -  Have a look at cial/tial spellings. The general rule is:

• ‘-cial’ is common after a vowel letter on the root word (a,e,i.o,u)
• ‘-tial’ is common after a consonant letter (not a vowel)
• Exceptions: initial, financial, provincial

Have a go at the activities provided - choose from 1*, 2* or 3*.

Practise your spellings on spelling frame! 

Maths - 

PE - 

Computing - 

Year 6 

Our topic this half term is the Anglo-Saxons! They will be discovering how the Anglo-Saxons settled in Britain, how they lived and how they changed the face of religion in England. We will also be looking at local history links to the Anglo-Saxons such as the Staffordshire Hoard and Aethelflaed. Year 6 will be experiencing the adventures of Beowulf and writing their own version of the Myth. In Science, we are learning about Electricity, drawing circuits and finding out about famous Scientists such as Thomas Edison!

BBC Anglo-Saxons

Oak Academy Electricity Lessons

Fractions Lessons - Oak Academy

Timetable for Spring 1:

Indoor PE - Tuesdays

Outdoor PE - Thursdays

Remember to practise your multiplication tables and read at home at least 3 x per week!



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