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Year 6
Miss Tomlinson

Year 6 Learning Week Beginning 6.7.20

Leavers Books -

At school we are putting our leavers books together. Please find documents for a front page and the whole booklet. We are sharing messages on the school area – please send documents with messages on to my email and I will copy and paste them individually into each child’s messages page.


Please go on TT rockstars – help us in our tournament with Lichfield schools!

Calm task: Wonder – read up to page 88 and complete the ‘Good or Bad parents’ activity.

Creative Task: Geography – The Wonders of the World – read the presentation and choose from the following creative tasks:

Write: Children can create their own tourist information leaflets to advertise the different wonders they have learnt about.

Plan: Children can create a travel itinerary to plan a ‘Wonders’ tour of the Americas that visits different sites.

Compose: Children can write a song or poem set to music about a wonder of the Americas.


Please read your book for 20 minutes and then click the link and practise curriculum spellings

Calm task: Write your goals page for your leavers book. What do you want to achieve when you are at secondary school? What do you want to achieve next year? What would you like to be when you’re older?


Choose a Maths Task – Multiplication and Division challenge cards.

Creative Task: RE: What you can do to help? Read the presentation. Then complete the task - TASK: Research one of the religious organisations. Then design an A4 poster to persuade people to support your chosen group.

You must include –

  • The charities logo.
  • A slogan.
  • Important information.
  • Key religious teachings relating to the charity.



Please go on TT rockstars – help us in our tournament with Lichfield schools!

Calm task: Write your ‘My School’ page for your leavers book. What do you like most about Charnwood? What will you miss most about Charnwood? What was your favourite year? Favourite teachers? What were your favourite topics? 


Choose to complete the alphabet algebra task!

Creative Task: Science – Watch these videos and make some notes.

Watch these two videos and create a PowerPoint or poster on Charles Darwin’s discoveries. Why don’t you try and write a quiz for the end?


Sports Day! Activities to follow! Please come to school wearing sports clothes and trainers for a day of activity.


Complete a wordsearch or Sudoku. I have uploaded two for you to choose from!

 Calm task: Start writing messages for everyone’s leavers books! For home learners I have put everyone’s name that is in the class – please write them a message and then I will copy and paste this into the main document.

Children at school are also creating you some leavers messages and I will email/send these to you when complete so you can print and add to your leavers book!

Creative Task: *(Portraits for class) Coloured Pattern Skulls – for this session you will need scissors and felt tips. Choose a specific theme for your skull – for example loneliness, carnival, the USA… I look forward to seeing your drawings!





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