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Year 6
Miss Tomlinson

Y6 Learning Friday 27th March

Hi Everyone it's Friday (Friyay!) and you will have soon completed a week of online learning. I hope you have all adapted to it - I know I am learning new things every day! Yesterday I got the hang of using portfolios on ClassDojo so you can also submit work there too. Tomorrow I will take down all of the files from this week and start a fresh week so any learning from this week that you would like feedback on needs to be sent by the end of today.


There are two options for your English learning today. The task I am setting is to write a diary entry of your week. Closing schools for this long has never happened in History before - how has you week been? What challenges have you faced? What parts of it have you enjoyed?


Thoughts, Feelings, Opinions

A range of sentence openers

A range of punctuations  (  ) ; -

Correct spelling

If writing a diary entry isn't for you, Jane Considine is doing The Wrtie Stuff sessions online every day at 9:45am. I will be watching it shortly! The film today is 'One Small Step'...I wonder if you can guess what it links to? Session 1

Download the Choose Your Chunk plot point map here

Of course, you can simply write your sentences on a piece of paper. Do not forget to add your name and age


Today's Maths is a problem solving one! Solve the Arithmagon puzzles. In an arithmagon, the pair of numbers at the end of each line are added together to give the number between them. Make sure you look at the example at the top of the page!

Afternoon Task - PSHE (Staying Safe)

I have attached an information Powerpoint on Coronavirus. Please read it and then produce something informative about how to stay safe during the pandemic. You can present this how you want to - it could be a leaflet, poster, Powerpoint. The choice is yours! I will share some of them on Dojo later on so that we can all stay safe.

Y6 Learning Thursday 26th March

Good morning! I wonder how many of you are doing Joe's workout right now? Well done to everyone sending me amazing learning! I've had missing angles work off quite a few of you and many of you completed the reading task. Some of you completed my music tasks and I have even seen some completed phone cases! Keep up the good work Year 6 - you are awesome!

Maths - If you haven't completed yesterday's task, do that one first as it leads nicely into this one!

Don't forget to do TT Rockstars! I am going to be logging in today and getting to grips with it!

Today's task is to find unknown angles in triangles and quadrilaterals (four sided shapes).

The angles in a triangle always add up to 180 degrees and the angles in a quadrilateral always add to 360 degrees. To calculate a missing angle - add up the angles given to you and take away from 180 if it's a triangle and 360 if it's a quadrilateral. If there are two missing angles marked with the same letter it means they are the same. If you complete C it will require you to use your understanding of yesterday's task.

English - homophones worksheet. Please have a go at as many challenges as you can! Complete on paper if you can't print. Continue working on homophones on to support this learning. If you aren't sure about any, feel free to use an online dictionary to check - it's not a test!

Don't forget to do your AR quizzes using the link from the school website!

PE - Complete PE with Joe as today would have been your PE session with Mr Trickett. Also go on a family walk, paying careful attention to social distancing.

Computing - follow the Twinkl lesson on Spam - this is what you would have learned about today in your Computing lesson. There are three levels of worksheet so scroll down if you want the most difficult. If you want the presentation/lesson plan click on the link here:

Remember the free access code: PARENTSTWINKLHELPS - I know some parents accessed Iron Age learning last week from here.

Y6 Learning Wednesday 25th March

Good morning everyone! Hope your week is going well - don't forget to stay at home as much as you can so we can get back to business as usual - it was lovely being in school yesterday but I definitely missed the jokes and laughter we have in Year 6.

English - bit of reading today! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your 'Dear Basketball' pieces - they were amazing. I've kept it light and just to keep you thinking about understanding texts. In the class documents down the side you will see Love Your Heart and Retrieval and Inference questions. You don't need to print - just complete on paper and snap it back to me! Answers will be published tomorrow.

Maths - This is genuinely one of my favourite topics to teach so gutted I can't be with you for this! Finding missing angles - remember the angles on a straight line add to 180 degrees, the angles around a point add up to 360 degrees and opposite angles where the lines bisect are always the same! Be careful with that one! Also at the bottom, I have added yesterday's answers so you can see how you did! If you need any guidance please message me.

Spellings - Go down to Rule 51 - Homophones and other words that are often confused! Practise, do the test or play the games...the choice is yours! This should work on an iPad or laptop. The words are listed below if you can't access so you can do rainbow writing or pyramid spelling.

History - Complete one of the tasks from your sheet in your folder. Some people in school started to look at Iron Age Hillforts last week - they are fascinating! Check out Maiden Castle's history!


Y6 Learning Tuesday 24th March

Morning Everyone! Hopefully all of this works and is accessible to you all. If not, please let me know and I will think of other ways to get your learning to you! I will be available on Dojo and Email ( but I am looking after children in school today so I will get back to you when I can.


Edit and Improve ‘Dear Basketball’ piece using feedback. If you didn't send it to me, evaluate against yesterday's criteria and then give yourself 3 things to include in your edit and improve.


Don’t forget to go on TT Rockstars! The answers from yesterday are in the documents section.

Converting Measures problems.

If you are confident with yesterday’s learning then you can apply your understanding to problems. Remember: You will have to convert the units in to the same measure and CHECK which measurement it asks for the answer in. I would recommend that most people start on A first since you don’t have me to support you.

If you are not confident with yesterday’s work please correct yesterday’s work or move onto the next challenge, for example if you completed A, it would be a good idea to complete B before moving on.


practise the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Rap!

Listen to Rapper's Delight by The Sugarhill Gang

The Sugarhill Gang is an American hip hop group, known mostly for its 1979 hit Rapper’s Delight, the first hip hop single to become a Top 40 hit.
While it was not the first single to feature rapping, it is generally considered to be the song that first made hip hop popular in the United States and around the world. The song's opening lyric "I said a hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie to the hip hip hop" is world famous!

● Do you like the song?

● What can you hear?

● What is the style of this music?

● How is the song put together?

● Listen to ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ again

● Look for similarities and differences between the songs and discuss.


If you took your sewing home, you can complete this. We have been learning running stitch, back stitch, whipstitch and blanket stitch for those of you who weren’t in school Friday and want to have a go!


Year 6 Home Learning Monday 23rd March

Short 5 minute PE - Joe Wicks Joe is also live every morning at 9am

Reading - Read /Quiz for 25 minutes as you normally would in the school day. The AR link is on the right hand side of this page.

English - Jane Considine is running live sentence stacking sessions on her Youtube channel every day from 9:45 so if you prefer to do that than the set task please feel free!

Your set task today is to watch Kobe Bryant's video 'Dear Basketball'.

Decide which object you would write to. It could be a football, your shinpads, your clarinet, a certain book - any item that is special to you.

Brainstorm how that object makes you feel, what power it gives you and how you feel about the object.

Write a short piece of writing in the style of Dear Basketball.

Success Criteria

I can write in first person.

I can include Feeling and Imagining.

I can include a simile.

I can include higher level punctuation.

When you are finished, take a picture and email/dojo it to me! I will do my best to give you some feedback ready for edit and improve tomorrow. CamScanner is free and a great app for high quality photos or sending it as a PDF.

Maths - To convert measures - CLASS DOCUMENTS

Use your skills of multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. (MENTAL METHODS NOT WRITTEN METHODS!) You might find it useful to take note of the information at the top of the PDF document. Choose from A, B or C (or multiple!)

To convert miles and kilometres guidance

To convert miles to kilometres you multiply by 8 and then divide by 5.

E.g. To convert 20 miles to km I would do:

20 x 8 = 160

160 divided by 5 = 32 km.

To convert km to miles you would divide by 8 and then multiply by 5.

E.g. 20km into miles I would do:

20 divided by 8 = 2.5 and then multiply by 5 = 12.5 miles.

Check tomorrow for the answers and the next task!

Science - As you would usually do Science and PE on a Monday afternoon, please look at the home learning sheet in your pack and complete one of the PE tasks and Science tasks!


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