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Year 6
Miss Tomlinson

Year 6 Learning Week Beginning 2.6.20

Hello Year 6 home learners! These are all the tasks we will be completing in school this week. If you want feedback on your work, please message Miss Todd. Of course, if you achieve something really good you can send it to me but I am teaching in school.

If you are in Mr Trickett's bubble and starting on Wednesday, please complete the Tuesday work at home. 


Lesson 1: Reading Comprehension – All about Garden Birds – please choose a level and complete. I am aware the answers are attached – please print or use the pages you need and then check your answers!

Lesson 2: Spelling: practise curriculum words from spelling mat (spelling frame or making spellings memorable)  

Lesson 3: Maths investigation: Picture Maths Alien Percentages – please download document!

Lesson 4: Geography: The Amazing Americas – Continents, Countries and Cities

Label the maps – choose from Easy, Medium or Difficult tasks!

Lesson 5: Music – leaver’s song practise – listen to the song and look at the words – have a practise as we are planning to try and do something where we can join together, despite being apart! Forever Your Friend – download the song and the lyrics!


Lesson 1:  Continue to practise Spelling from yesterday and complete a grammar task on Expanded Noun Phrase.

A noun phrase is a word or group of words containing a noun. An expanded noun phrase is a phrase made up of a noun and at least one adjective. If one or more adjectives are listed to describe the noun, a comma should be added to separate the sentence. Remember, a phrase does not contain a verb.


In the sentence ‘The shiny, red car sped down the road.’ The noun is car, and then the words relating to it (shiny, red) are the adjectives that describe the car. Therefore, the expanded noun phrase is shiny, red car.

Lesson 2: Maths – Pentagons and Join the Dots investigation. Read the investigation and try your best!

Lesson 3: Science - Inheritance – There are three activities and some characteristic cards (no need to print these) for a discussion. Follow through the presentation first.

Lesson 4: RE – Activity 1 – Introduction to Poverty – Read through the presentation and then complete the task at the end. It would be good to have someone to discuss your ideas with for this session.


Lesson 1: English -  Brainstorm ideas for your transition work This must be completed so that you can take it to school on your first day. Your task is to produce a creative piece of work under the title ‘Me so far…my Aspiration to Excellence’. This doesn’t have to be written, you could create something but you need to show what you have already achieved and then what you hope to achieve in the future whilst at your secondary school.


However, you must:

  • Include some Literacy or Numeracy skills
  •  Include colour – so we can see your artistic skills.
  • Include some ICT skills (optional).
  • Anything within your primary school experience that has been valuable to you.
  •  What are you looking forward to doing the most at your new secondary school?
  • What do you hope to achieve?

Lesson 2: Maths –  Spendthrift and Presents – these have got definite answers!

Lesson 3: Spelling – Test yourself on curriculum spellings using spelling frame and then work on 3 incorrect ones. If all correct, then focus on some different curriculum spellings.

Lesson 4: PE – Complete the Joe Wicks workout!

Lesson 5: Transition unit – Lesson 1 – Being Awesome! There are 9 lessons in this unit so it would be useful to print off the booklet so you can use it for all of the sessions. Please only fill in session 1!


Lesson 1: English – first draft of your transition work from your ideas yesterday! If you would like some feedback, please send to Miss Todd!

Lesson 2: Maths – Multi-Step Word Problems – these are all one level so do what you can! Remember there are several steps. If you need support get your adult at home to talk you through the steps to solve it.

Lesson 3: PSHE – To know and understand money related terms – have a look at the money terms – if you are unsure please use the internet or dictionary to research the definitions!



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