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Year 3
Mr Wilcock

Year 3 

Home Learning 

Thursday 28th January


Today is about working systematically to find all the possible answers. The aim is to not miss out any potential answers. 


Today our sentences use: 

Inner thoughts
Dialogue (with inverted commas)

Watch the video to follow along with the lesson.


Today we are going to be learning about ‘Fantastic Fossils’. Join us on the Zoom call at 1:30pm where Miss Gallimore will be doing the teacher input. We will then leave the Zoom call and complete our tasks. I will be posting the Zoom details on Class Dojo later.


I would like you to have a little think about what makes a good friend. Have a read of the PowerPoint and then complete your task.


Wednesday 27th January 2020 

Today there is a storm coming in our Flood story. Our sentences today will include:

Repetition for effect.

Watch the video of the lesson here:


Today is a physical maths challenge. No work in books. Send us a picture and a time.  

How many ways?

Take 3 different items of clothing. It could be 3 different coloured socks or 3 different coloured objects. Organise them in all the possible combinations as fast as possible. Get someone to time you and see how fast you can get.  HINT: There are 6 different arrangements that can be made. 

With the coloured pencils above, I have found 2 different ways of organising them. 

The aim is to be systematic. 


1) Joe Wicks 


2) Random Challenges: 

Ride your bike/ scooter. 
Climb a big hill 
Jog with an adult for 10 minutes 
Skip rope for 2 minutes 

Send us your photographs and videos on Class Dojo. 


Three little birds (Step 3), find the instructions on Dojo or in useful downloads. Enjoy.



Tuesday 26th January - Home Learning



Today we will try scaling for the first time. Watch the White Rose Video if it helps you. The questions are simple once you understand the basic idea.

English - Flood 

We are looking at the next page in the story and using the following skills: 

1) Short sentences for effect.
2) A complex sentence using ‘when’

Join us at 10am to take part in the lesson. The link will be on Class Dojo. 


Today we are learning how to ask someone their age. Watch the videos to help you.  

Video 1

Video 2

Faith -


Monday 25th January 2020

Snow Fun! Click the snow volcano for instructions on how to make one. Enjoy!


Monday English 

This week we are going to read a book called Flood by Alvaro F. Villa. However, there are no words in the book so it is all about looking at the pictures in detail. Each day we will look at a page from the book and write what we think is happening. We will be writing the story of the book as we go along as if there were words.  We have taken pictures of the book but they don’t do the illustrations justice. We are using sentence stacking all week so you could set up your English book like we do in class. This means putting your ideas on the left page and your perfect writing on the right page.

The video of Mr W going through the lesson is here: 

Owl video:

Follow along and pause it when you need to write something down. 

1. Look at the picture before you do anything else and discuss/write down what you can see happening (Like we do in class) You could create a word bank or even find some interesting synonyms.
2. Our first skill is to write a sentence with an ‘adverbial phrase’.
3. Our second skill is to write a sentence with a complex sentence.

Monday Maths 

We are dividing 2 digits by 1. It is getting tricky now. Watch the White Rose video and complete the sheet. 


If you are finding that too hard, then complete the worksheet. 

Monday Geography 

We are spending some more time learning about volcanoes. Remember there are some interesting pages in our Google Classroom resources area if you want to find out more. Watch the video. Complete the tasks as best you can.


1) Use the blank map to locate and label the ring of fire. Include a title. 

2) Can you name any countries that would be impacted by volcanoes? Label them on your map. 

3) Make a table with reasons for and against living near volcanoes.  

Monday PE

1) Send in your results for the weekly PE challenge on the school Class Dojo page. 

2) Dance.  Have a look at the PowerPoint and try to create your own volcano dance. 




Here are some resources that you could use in your English lessons to help you.






There is currently no homework for this class