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Year 3
Mr Wilcock

Year 3 

Ruins in History: The Roman Colosseum - Traveler CornerThe Romans 

This half-term we will be learning about the Romans. The Romans came to Britain over 2000 years ago and changed our country. Even today, the ruins of Roman buildings, forts, roads, and baths can be found all over Britain. The Romans invaded other countries too. The Roman Empire covered much of Europe, north Africa, and the Middle East. Take a look at the PowerPoint called 'Introduction to the Roman Empire' to learn more.   

A few miles away from Lichfield, a Roman fort named Etocetum was established soon after AD 50 (That’s 1,970 years ago!!). You can visit it today in a village called Wall

Wall - Lichfield DC - Roman Motorway Service halt - Fuji A ...

Work for each week will be set here every Monday. Try to do a little every day. Please do not feel like you have to complete everything but you will earn Dojos for all your hardwork. 

English - See the useful downloads. This week we are writing instructions about how to be a Roman Soldier!

Maths – See the useful downloads. We are looking at time. Use this link for many different sheets to help you practise.

Computing – Have a look at this PowerPoint about drawing using technology.

Experiment with what you can create.

Spelling and PSHE – these two subjects are in one document in the useful downloads. In PSHE we are looking at grief.

Geography – We are looking at what makes a good place for a settlement. Just why did the Romans choose to settle where they did in Britain? See the useful downloads for the two documents and the PowerPoint is here.

PE – See the useful downloads.  There are numerous challenges for you to have a go at.

Music - Roman music. Find the powerpoint in useful downloads to learn about different instruments.

Science - We are going to be exploring states of matter in science. Our first lesson is exploring solids, liquids and gases. Find the powerpoint and your tasks in useful downloads.

Reading - Have a go at reading Caesar's Calendar Conundrum and answer the questions.

Art - Roman mosaics. Find the documents in useful downloads to explain your task.






There is currently no homework for this class