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Year 3
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Year 3

The Rainforest!

Welcome to Year 3! (Keep scrolling down!)

Friday 27.3.20


1) Keep up with the Joe Wicks workout at 9 a.m. If you miss it live, then you can do it later! 

2) This is about measurement and designed for you to move along to.  


1) Maths brain challenge:  Mr. & Mrs. Plum have six daughters and each daughter has one brother. How many people are in the Plum family? Let me know the answer through the Class Portfolio.  

2) Try this online worksheet and save a bit of paper: It will give you a score:

3) Then try this one:  (You have to put the symbols in) 


Read about the big cats and answer the questions which can be found in 'useful downloads'  

Also make sure you read your books everyday! 


We have already had a go in lessons at sketching a rhino, jaguar and snake. Have a go at sketching some other rainforest animals of your choice. Think about adding some shading or some cross hatching and if you have colouring crayons you could also add some colour. Remember to sketch lightly (no need to rub out). Send me a photo.

Bonus Friday Football Challenge:

The Premier League would like you to create your own 5-a-side team using friends and family. Have a look at the Friday 27.3.20 Design a Player Worksheet in 'useful downloads'. 

Thursday 26.3.20

PE 26.3.20

I did the Joe Wicks workout yesterday along with everyone else. Join in today with all the family. He's on every morning live at 9 a.m. It's harder than I thought! 

Science 26.3.20

At school we have been learning about living things and their habitats. Can you tell a grown up at home about what you have learnt so far and some of the ways we have separated animals?

Find the activity in 'useful downloads'. You have been given a hedgerow habitat to explore and a few questions to answer about what you can see and why those animals may be found there.

Maths 26.3.20

1) Here's a maths brain challenge:  

If today is Thursday, what is the day after the day before the day before tomorrow?

I have posted this challenge on the Class Dojo portfolio page. So log in and send your answer. 20 Dojos if you can get it correct and explain it!!  I will post the answer tomorrow. Good luck! 

2) We should be moving on to measurement now in maths. Have a go at these games to help you learn how to use a ruler and weigh items: 

Measuring with a ruler


RE / ART  26.3.20

1) Last week at school, we read about how a rich prince gave up all his things to become the Buddha. See if you can retell the story to someone in your family, write it down or draw it.  

2) Then have a go at this dot-to-dot challenge and colour it in when you are done. It's also available to download in the 'useful documents'   

Wednesday 25.3.20


Try some yoga today. Get all the family involved!

You could try Cosmic Kids


  1. We are lucky enough that we can use the site with our TT Rockstars Log ins. Give it a go!
  2. Complete the questions about the two tables. Remember that to find the increase in price between two numbers you have to takeaway the smallest from the biggest.


Read the chapter about riding the rhino and complete the adjective challenge. Try and use exciting vocabulary to impress anyone who reads it. You could try some synonyms using the internet: The document is available in useful downloads. 


Find the charanga link in the useful document section on our class page. Make sure you log in to the YUMU part of the website, your username and password came with your pack from school. You can choose an activity that has been set for you. New activities include songs to sing and learn, guess the instrument and also some times table songs. Take a picture if you want to show me what you got up to!


Tuesday 24.3.20 


Choose a GoNoodle activity to do at home by yourself or with your family.  Clink the image or the link to try: Educator Review | Common Sense Education


Don't forget to keep earning points on TTRockstars. 

Complete the frequency table activity - available on the right under 'useful downloads'. 

Geography - Rainforests 

The Amazon Rainforest is in South America and contains around 2,000 different species of birds and mammals. Sherwood Forest is in Nottinghamshire and where Robin Hood used to steal from the rich and give to the poor. In geography today, we want you to compare the two famous forests by reading the fact file about them both and completing the table. All resources are available on the right under  'useful downloads'. 



There is a reading task called 'The cat in the witch's wood' that you can find in 'useful documents'. Remember to read the text carefully and answer the reading dog questions. 



Monday 23.3.20 - Home Learning! 

PE / Maths / Spelling

Premier League Stars - Solve, Shoot, Score - Click the link and play the game.  Try the spelling and the maths.  Let me know if it's any fun.


Charlie Small -  You can also download the document as a pdf on the right hand side of the page (useful downloads).  Read a little more of the story below/in the document and then follow the instructions. Good luck! 

What has happened so far in Charlie Small, Gorilla City? Explain it in your own words to a family member.
• He is writing a journal about his adventures.
• He is 8 (or maybe over 400 years old).
• He was struck by lightning whilst floating on a raft.
• He seems to have got lost in a jungle, despite living in Lancashire!
• He was attacked by a crocodile.
• He’s just been charged by a steam powered rhino!!

Your task:
1) Read the rest of the chapter describing the rhino.
2) The next chapter we will read is called ‘Riding the Rhino’. Write part of the story
predicting what you think will happen in this chapter.
See if you can include the following features:
• A simile (e.g. ‘as busy as a bee’ or ‘like two peas in a pod’)
• Direct speech (Using inverted commas that are punctuated correctly)
• Onomatopoeia (e.g. SWISH! BOOM!)
• Show off all the other skills you know.
Bonus Art Challenge:
Have a go at designing your own steam powered rhino or even another steam engine animal of your choice.

Maths - Statistics

Tables and Charts - document is available in useful downloads as well. 

Remember to share your work on Class Dojo.  If you need any help or extra resources, then contact me on Class Dojo. 


Dear Parents and Carers,

This page will be used to support home learning for Year 3 children if schools are instructed to close. 

If you and your family are self-isolating hopefully you will already have your child's home learning pack. If not please contact us and we will endeavour to get this to you.

Your child can make a start on some of the challenges within the pack but if you would like an update on what we have been learning within school that day please message me via class dojo where I can send photographs and videos to support home learning.

In the event of school closing to all this page will be updated daily.

Thank you for your continued support during this tricky time.


The home learning tasks can be found in the documents section on the right. 


This half term we will be learning about the rainforests of the world. A rainforest is described as tall, hot and dense forest near the equator and is believed to be the oldest living ecosystems on Earth. Rainforests help to regulate the temperatures around the world and the weather patterns as well.

List Of The Most Amazing Places In The World, With ...


An alternative to Microsoft Money? - Telegraph








 Please find the curriculum overview, spelling mat and homework for this half term on the right.

Charlie Small: Gorilla City: Charlie Small ...

We will also be reading 'The First Charlie Small Journal - Gorilla City’. 


There are currently no galleries for this class