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Year 2
Mrs Nowell


Year 2


Welcome to Year 2!  Here you can find useful links to support your learning at home as well as find key documents that we use in class.  

I will also communicate regularly on Class Dojo day to day. 

Autumn Term 2

November -December 2020

             This term our topic is

'I'm the King of the Castle...!'

Do you know the names of the kings and queens of England from the past? Do you know how small changes in the environment can change everything for the animals that live there? Do you know why we clean our teeth or what the most healthy food and drink would be for a breakfast?

This term we are learning all about the past and thinking about how to look after ourselves and our surroundings in the present and for the future. 


 Take a look at our curriculum overview to see what we will be learning this term. Also download the spelling and vocabulary mat as these are the words we will be learning to read and write this term.  The words in the curriculum column are the ones you should try and parctise each week at home. 

School Starts: 

PE:  Tuesday Outdoors and Thursday Indoors 

Woodland Learning: Date TBC

School Trips: These will only be held once we are all satisfied they will be safe and guidance allows. Presently as mixing bubbles is not allowed and there is a high prevalence in the area of some of the visits these are not yet due to take place. 

  • Local Walk - Date TBC  [no cost]
  • Sea Life Centre and Lego Discovery Centre - Date TBC [already paid for]


I understand that the return to school may be difficult and will do everything I can to support your child. Please be assured that our classroom will continue to be the safe, fun and engaging place it has always been. The return to school will be CALM and all the children will be looked after. If you ever wish to contact me please use Class Dojo to message me - no worry too small - and I will repsond as soon as I am able. 

For more information about how we are approaching the return to school and plan to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that supports your child's academic needs alongside their emotional wellbeing please read out Recovery Curriculum Document. 


If your child has specific additional interventions in connection with an IEP or outside support agency Mrs Stafford will be in touch to provide you with resources to support at home. You can also find additional support on the SEND page of this website.