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Thank you for some amazing work yesterday. I saw super 'Dough Disco' moves, great cooking skills, fabulous letter and number work, brilliant yoga poses and some perfect listening to story skills. Some of you also decided to make a birthday card for a friend in class so well done to all the children that did that - how thoughtful. 

I have added a 'Fabulous Friday' timetable (see below). I've replaced 'PE with Joe' with 'Andy's Wild Workout' for a change so I hope you enjoy.  There is an activity for i-i-i-incy wincy spider making too - see useful documents for these instructions. 

Thank you for all being so supportive this week. I have been so impressed with the amount of activities that have been completed. Please keep them coming :)

It's been a very different week but it feels like we've still been able to move forward with our learning due to working together! 

Have a good weekend and I will be back bright early Monday morning with a new letter, number and shape of the week! 



Good Morning Nursery!

Again, you kept me smiling yesterday with some fantastic activities completed. We had a number of you joining in with 'PE with Joe'(I'm aching today), some fantastic letter and number practice (some of you getting very messy indeed :), great counting, mark making, baking and more. I'm so impressed! Remember, each activity earns two dojo points so lets make Thursday Thrilling and  full of fun (and points)! 

See below for 'Thrilling Thursday's' timetable (ALSO ADDED TO USEFUL DOCUMENTS & CLASS DOJO)...



Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!

I really enjoyed seeing all of your pictures yesterday. Keep them coming in. Well done everyone for all your super work!

See below for 'Wonderful Wednesday's' timetable (ALSO ADDED TO USEFUL DOCUMENTS & CLASS DOJO)...



Happy Tuesday everyone! Thank you to all the children that completed any home challenges yesterday - it really brightened up my day. Remember the letter of the week is i, the numbers of the week are 1 and 6 and the shape of the week is a circle. 

I am in school today so will check my class dojo for any questions when I can and get back to you all asap. Please send me any photographs/videos of your hard work via class dojo too and feel free to upload any home learning to tapestry too! 

Everyday, I will now post a suggested timetable that includes some activities from the home challenges and also other additional challenges. 

See below for 'Terrific Tuesday's' timetable (ALSO ADDED TO USEFUL DOCUMENTS)...

Monday 23rd March 2020                                                

Good morning Nursery! 

I hope that you are all keeping safe and well. I am missing you all already.  

I have added a little superhero story for a grown up to read to you about becoming a 'Stay at Home Superhero'. 

Start the day as a 'Stay at Home Superhero' by completing a dance, cosmic kids yoga (you tube) or playing in the garden before completing any of the home learning challenges from your packs. 

I have added the home learning challenges to the right of the page (useful downloads) and any links are there too. 

I will be checking Class Dojo regularly for any questions. Please can you send me any photographs/videos of your hard work via Class Dojo too and feel free to upload any home learning to Tapestry too! 

Below you will find our new sound of the week, Tina Toucan  dropped it at my house today! 

Please watch: 

Shape of the Week!








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