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Bienvenue à notre site français.

Ici on peut trouver des chansons français,  des histoires, des jeux et des activités.

Amusez vous bien! 

Year Three 

Bonjour.  Comment ça va?

Here are some songs to help you with what we have learned so far this year.

Bonjour, salut song: join in with the words you know.


Can you spot the bonjours in this song?

Bonjour, bonjour.

Comment tu t'appelles?

Counting to 10.  Can you join in?  Can you go forwards and backwards?


Year Four

We've been learning about colours and how they work as adjectives in French.  Here are the songs and stories we have been using so you can keep practising.

Léon le caméléon

Ours brun

Here are some more animals for you to learn to say in French.  Can you describe thier colours?

Les animaux de la savane.

Les animaux de la ferme.


Year Five

Quel temps fait-il?

Can you remember how to desribe the weather?  What's the weather like today?

Alain le lait - quel temps fait-il?

Can you remember the seasons and the months?


Year Six

I know how much you enjoyed our pronouns song.  How fast can you say the set five times?


Des Chiffres et des nombres.


De 50 à 70


De 70 à 100




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