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Year 4 Miss gallimore

Date : Friday 20th April

Due: Wednesday 25th April

Homework – Research


The children have been asked to do some research on Anderson Shelters. They can collect this information through various ways including the internet and books. The children can choose how they would like to record this research and can be as creative as they like.



Date - Friday 23rd March

Due - Wednesday 28th March

Task - Times tables


This week the children have been given a task of completing some times table questions. Please could you record how long it takes for your child to answer the questions and add this to the bottom of the sheet. The children should try and complete all the questions on the sheet and we will then try to beat our times within the week. I will mark their answers.



Date - Friday 16th March


Due - Wednesday 21st March


Task - Spelling


This week the children should practice their spellings for their spelling test. The children should learn their curriculum words (dark blue) on their spelling mat and make them memorable.




Date – Friday 9th March

Due – Wednesday 14th March

Task – Interview

This week the children have been asked to interview an artist (3 questions). The children have learnt about what being an artist might mean and the type of people who are artists. The children should think of 3 questions to ask their artist and then write down the answers.

If the children cannot think of an artist to interview they can prepare 3 questions and bring them in to interview our Music Teacher.


Spelling - The children have the new spelling mat stuck in their reading diaries.The children can also have a go at some of the blue curriculum words to practice using making spellings memorable.




Date – Friday 9th February

Due – Wednesday 14th February

Homework – Creative

This week the children learnt about E-safety. I would like the children to create an E-safety poster containing the information they have learnt about keeping safe on different electronics and games.

The brighter the better!!

Be creative!



Date – Friday 2nd February

Due – Wednesday 7th February

Task – Spelling

This week the children should practice some of the words on their spelling mat. The children are aware of the curriculum words that they need to practice. The children may also like to practice some other words on their spelling mat.

The children should make their spellings memorable.




Date – Friday 26th January

Due – Wednesday 31st January

Homework – Discussion

This week the children have been asked to talk to an adult or someone at home about what they have been learning about in Science.

Here are some of the things we have been learning about to refresh their memory.

1 – Light and Dark

2 – Reflective Surfaces

3 – Mirrors

4 – Symmetry





Date – Friday 19th January

Due – Wednesday 24th January

Homework – Writing

This week the children learnt about the 500 word story competition.

This week the children should have a go at writing a story (maximum 500 words) about anything they like.

The children should think about the characters, setting and plot.

The children can write or type their story.

I am looking forward to reading them already!!


Homework - Friday 12th January

Due - Wednesday 17th January


This week the children should practice their spellings using making spellings memorable.

The children have either been given spellings or have been told to choose some words off their spelling mat.

The children have been given their homework books if they have been handed in from previous homework.


Friday 24th November

Date due : Wednesday 29th November


This week the children are going to practice their spellings for their homework.


The children have either been given spellings I would like them to practice or they are going to use their spelling mats.

The children can choose to practice the curriculum words, the science words or words which have a prefix (il-, im-, in-, ir-).


The children have been given their homework books for them to practice these in. Think of how to make these spellings memorable to help you. Make them colourful to make them memorable.



Friday 10th November

Due : Wednesday 15th November


Homework - Your task this week is to research. You should create a poster about the functions of a skeleton and the different joints within our body. Get creative! Think about what your poster might look like, what colours could you use? Could you use information flaps?

Think of the different ways you could research. You could use the internet or books you may have at home. You could even visit a library to collect your research.


Remember! You are researching the different functions of the skeleton and the joints we have in our bodies.


Have fun and get creative!


Homework: Friday 13th October

Due date: Wednesday 18th October

For this week's homework, the children have been given their individual spellings to practice (these are either in their reading record or their homework book). Some of the children are now using really useful ways of making spellings memorable.

Some examples are:

Writing the words with your non writing hand

Colouring sparkly bits around the words

Writing the words or tricky bits in bubble writing

Making up a little story about the letters in the tricky bits, e.g. 'are you going home tonight' for a-u-g-h-t

The possibilities are endless!




Friday 29th September - Homework


This weeks homework is to practice some spellings from the spelling mat (in their reading records or can be found below).

The children should choose six spellings to practice and they can do this in their homework books.


The children have been using different ways to learn how to spell some words over these past few weeks so they can continue to use these ways to do their homework e.g the pyramid method, using different colours etc.