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Year 3 Mr Morris

 Welcome to Year 3!

Please check this page for weekly homework tasks.

Our swimming day is Friday - please remember your kit: trunks (boys) or costume (girls), swimming hat and towel. If you have signed a permission form for goggles, these should be worn too.

We have indoor / outdoor PE on Thursdays - please leave trainers and kit in school until the holidays.

Don't forget our end of Year 3 goals:


  • Learn our 4, 3 and 8 times tables.
  • Learn to tie your own shoe laces.
  • Tell the time to the nearest minute.



Here is our Spelling Mat for Spring 1st half term.

We will be learning these spellings and rules over the next half term and children will be set homework tasks linked to their Spelling Mat. 


Date: Friday 2nd February 2018

Deadline: Wednesday 7th February 2018

This week's homework is a PRACTICE homework.

Log in to Mathletics (passwords are at the back of your reading records, and complete the tasks. Then you can play on live games.

Please also practise the spellings on the green section of the spelling mat. Which suffixes and prefixes can you spot?

REMEMBER - for each time you do some spellings, maths homework or reading, get your parent to sign your reading record. You will then receive Dojo points! Who will win next week?





Date: Friday 19th January 2018

Deadline: Wednesday 24th January 2018

This week's homework is a DISCUSSION homework.

Spend some time together at home and have some interesting discussions. There are some suggestions here, but you can choose whatever you'd like to talk about. Come and tell me in class what you've been talking about!

  • What is your favourite thing about someone in your family? Why?
  • If you could be an animal, what would you be? Why?
  • Describe yourself in three words.
  • Who do you admire the most? Why?
  • What is your dream job? Why?
  • Should school uniform be banned? Why? Why not? 
  • Is there a man on the moon?
  • If the earth is shaped like a sphere, why don't we fall off?
  • The school day should be longer with a three day weekend. Why or why not?
  • We have a six week summer holiday every year. Should this be changed to a four week holiday, and have the other two weeks at other times of the year? Why or why not?
  • It should be made law to give money to charity. Why or why not? 


Date: Friday 12th January 2018

Deadline: Wednesday 17th January 2018

This week's homework is a PRACTICE homework.

You need to learn the first seven curriculum words on this half term's spelling mat.

There will be a test on these next week.




Date: Friday 5th January 2018

Deadline: Wednesday 10th January 2018


This week is a PRACTICE homework.

Use the following website to practise times tables. 

Focus on 3x, 4x and 8x tables. When you are confident with those, move on to 6x and 7x.


Date: Friday 1st December 2017

Deadline: Wednesday 12th December (have an extra week for this one!)


Homework: Friday 24th November

Due date: Wednesday 29th November

This week's homework is a PRACTISE homework. We have started the 33 Club this week and your child has a target time to complete it in. Please practise this for homework this week to help improve your time, and reach your target for Bronze!




Homework: Friday 10th November

Due date: Wednesday 15th November

This week's homework is a RESEARCH homework. We have been learning about bones in school this week. Find out about:

  1. The scientific names of some of our bones. We have learnt about the femur and stapes. Can you learn any more, and find out where they are?
  2. Our joints: Where are they? How do they work? 

Present your research as a poster. You could make a model of a skeleton to help you show your learning. Produce some homework to be really proud of. It would be great to display as many as possible!


Practise the first six words from the Curriculum Words section of the spelling mat. Can you use some memorable ways to learn them?







Homework: Friday 3rd November

Due date: Wednesday 8th November

For this week's homework, you have Mathletics tasks. Go to and login as you do at school (username and password in your reading record). Complete the tasks that are set for you, then you can play on the live games. 


Homework: Friday 13th October

Due date: Wednesday 18th October

For this week's homework, please practise these spellings from the Spelling Mat. Some of the children are now using really useful ways of making spellings memorable.

Some examples are:

Writing the words with your non writing hand

Colouring sparkly bits around the words

Writing the words or tricky bits in bubble writing

Making up a little story about the letters in the tricky bits, e.g. 'are you going home tonight' for a-u-g-h-t

The possibilities are endless!

This week's words:







Children will also be able to show you how they have been making the tricky parts of words memorable - have a go at this in homework books! 






Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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Lexie Derry(a couple of months ago)

This weeks homework has been a joy to do!!!!!

Harry Cockayne(less than a year ago)

I love maths & I can tie my shoe laces &i love football.

And for those wanting something a little creative to do...